These are all archived from the Edinburgh branch home page. Since the Lightbringer was/is run by the Church of Seraklan they can be assumed to be an inaccurate(ish) account of events in Dunlirron - LS

The Lightbringer

The Lightbringer is a newspaper of sorts. It first appeared in Summereve of the year 1000 and has made period appearances ever since, distributed by urchins in and around Dunlirron.

It's content is irreligous, anti-Ithronian, so heretical many are amazed the gods have allowed the authors to live and always slanderous. A warrant of arrest has been issued against its author Bradicus the Pict and its publication has been forbidden.

A scribal office creating copies of the paper was found in Mactaggart Lands and shut down. There are rumours that there may be a connection between the Church of Seraklan and the Lightbringer.

The original editor of the paer - a Bradicus the pict was apprehended and later died in custody. It is thought that his assistant one 'Eliza lot' continues his work but on a smaller scale.