The Gunnar Archive

Maps and other documents created by Nick Buchannan as his character Gunnar the Hunstmaster. These were drawn up in the early nineties and some of the geography seems to have mutated a bit. Incidentally if anyone knows Nick I'd appreciate them passing on a request for permission to put this stuff up. - LS

The Gunnar Archive represents a valuable resource for historians of the years leading up the the resigning of the pact. Gunnar was the Huntsmaster of Ithron for a short period and he left a small collection of writings and documents behind him. There are rumours that he took his own life because of entanglements with the theives guild and as such some of his information must be treated with caution. The maps differ in several respects from others of the period. From what we know they are geographically less accurate but do contain more information and detail than other extant maps.


Writings by and Concerning Gunnar