Fools and Heroes World Background

Fools & Heroes has a rich background history developed over many years of game play. However this background has never been collected together in one place. The object of this page is to collate information (of any sort) that relates to the background and history of F&H.

The material here has come from many places, the now defunct Legends board (of which I only kept a small number of items), old copies of the Norham Herald and before that Rubber Swords, numerous branch and guild newsletters and websites, not to mention the F&H noticeboards. Some of this material is over 10 years old and its unclear to me whether or not it is still consistent with the various national and local campaigns. I've tried to indicate the source of everything so you can make up your minds. I've not made any attempt to discover or contact the original authors of this material. If you recognise anything as belonging to you please get in touch. Similarly any material you may have relating to the campaign world is happily received. Submissions of any kind are welcome. I will accept emails, floppies, photocopies or even originals (I promise faithfully to return them). Emails should be sent to, hard copy can be given to me at fests and exec meetings or sent to my address (which your LO should have). You may also wish to subscribe to the FnH History Email List.

Those interested in the world background should also check out the F&H wiki

NB. These pages are permanently under construction.

With Thanks To

Theo Banks
School of Demonology Details
Lambert Behnke
Some of the Questlands Web pages
Ian Begent-Cove
Contributions to the Halls of Fame, Mordenhead Background, Potion Points. Maps of Ithron, Some Fernham Web pages
Richard Cant
Relief of Antia, Stuff about Llaminusu and Kolskegg
Sophie Dennis
Bits of Oxford and Newcroft Background
Darryl Davies
Lots of Stuff fort he 2002 Campaign. He also wrote many of the Sintel web pages tat have been archived.
Trevor Dean
Map of Grimsburgh
Jason Enos
Humberton Background, Griffin Background
Matt Golightly
Grimsburgh Background
Dunmail Hodkinson
Wrote many of the archived Esca pages.
Nick Jackson
Raptor Legion Background, Guild of Guards Details, Derwentshire background, Derby web pages.
David Ketchin
Tales of Lirron, Edinburgh Web pages
Peter Shaw
Background on Fernham from the old Guildford Web Page
Dave (Tart) Wollaston
School of Necromancy and Black Order details
James Wood (Woody)
Loads of stuff on Grimburgh and newsletters from lots of guilds and chruches: Crowa, Longstor, Vleybor, Rolbor, Guards, Mercenaries, Alchemists, Mages, Kirk-Leigh plus some copies of the Norham Post and the Longstorian Book of the Faith - all of which will appear in due course.