Lirron was never successfully subjugated by the Axirian invasion of Ithron and they built a large wall between Ithron and Lirron. The Lirronese continued to follow the `Old Faith' rather than the pantheon of the seven worshipped by the Axirians. This old faith was based on the worship of ancestors. The "book of ancestors" which in some sense powered this faith was eventually destroyed by the adventurers of Ithron. Most of the ancestors ceased to grant power to their followers at this point, however some remained and it has since become clear that these were aspects of the Seven. The most important of these remaining groups was the Church of Lirron which appears to be the worship of Longstor under another name.

Following these events Duncan Machlachan, and ithronian Grey Knight by upbringing, but of the line of the Dukes of Lirron, invaded Lirron with the help of the Axirians. This was during the pact signing crises of the year M. The Duke ultimately abandoned his allegiance to the Axirians when their treachery against the King of Ithron was revealed. Duke Duncan rebuilt the ancient stronghold of Dunlirron to be the capital of his new duchy.

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