What's New

May 2006
Started Placying around with some automated indexing and subject page generation stuff. You can see how its likely to work if you look at the last couple of entries on the Newcroft page.
Added a very basic search utility
Started adding stuff from the Current Leeds web site.
Started adding stuff from the Current Questlands web site.
April 2006
Started Adding some more stuff from the 1990 Rubber Swords
Added lots of local information from Dunlirron web pages and finished the adventurers listings
Added Lightbringers
Remaining IC stuff from Spring 90 Rubbers Swords
The office of the Guildprotector Physician
Added Templar stuff
Added Vastenord Guardian
Added Physician's Laboratory
Finished Adding what I have of Joanne's Novel
Added Felix Jaeger's Guide to the Creatures of Ithron
Added llaminusu_map
Added 1996 issue of Newcroft Chonicle
Added Newcroft stuff
Added Scouts' Signs from Summerfest 2002
Added Reports from the Invasion of Llaminusu
Added 1994 Issues of the Newcroft Chronicle
Added Esca Stuff
Added Llaminusu Background
Added Lists of Post-Summerfest Appointments 2003
Added Sorthan News
Converted the menuing system to php to ease update of navigation
March 2006
Added Knighting Ceremonies for the Four Orders
Fernham Focus Issues 12, 15, 16, 18, 19
Added an issue of the Grimsberg Herald pulled off the wayback machine and several others from the Grimsby website
Added Kirk-Leigh Mortuary from the Wayback Machine
Added Quite a bit of stuff from the Guildford Website including a map
Dump filling up with scans of hard copy stuff
Started Linking up Joanne Prescott's Novel of the 2002 campaign
A statement about the Mourning Prince taken from the noticeboards
Added Darryl's Axirian Inheritance documents
Added the new dawn song
Added Places in Derwentshire
Added the Grimsberg Edict
Added Axirian Political Structure
Added Grimbery background stuff on Cornelius the Alshanti
Added Darion Clarion, Springsdawn 1996, 07/98
Added a Grimsby "war report" from 1996
Added Kolskegg's Diary
Added a recent potion points issue
Added a who's who of Ithron from around 1999
Added an issue of Sword Arm from 2004
Added the Relief of Antia
Added Cardiff Fest call 2004
Added the Rise of Dominus Lucretius
Added Account of the third invasion of Ithron by Axir
Added Cirque Deville Flyer
Added Rolborian Undead Guide
Added A fernham focus latest news
Added The Islands of Llaminusu
Added the Stappeford Morgue
Started adding the adventurers of Dunlirron
Added Map of the Axirian Empire
Added Spring 1990 New Bulletins for Tralda - including initiation ceremonies
Added Roles duties and training of Griffin Knights
February 2006
Added History of the Griffin Knights
Added WarPath 8
Lots of updates for Halls of Fame from Ian Begent-Cove
Mordenhead Background.Finn and Jessica
Who's Who in Darian and Stappeford
October/November 2005
Converted whole site to have a uniform look and feel using style sheets
Sorted all uncatalogued material into a new directory dump
Intend to investigate use of OCR to get non-digital stuff into dump at least
11th January 2004
Added 1998 issue of Acorn Antics
16th November 2003
Added Tralda's Table, Volume 1, Issue 6
8th November 2003
Added Norham Post 1999 from Ithronian Herald
18th October 2003
Added Traldan News Bulletin from 990
5th October 2003
Added Norham Post, Springsdawn 996
Added Winterfest 993
4th October 2003
Added The Take of the Enchanted Forest
Added an issue of Acorn Antics from ?1999
27th September 2003
Added Warpath Issue 6
The Unguided Soul by Hastrel of Southoaks
26th July 2003
Long break caused by pregnancy, teaching and family crisis - hoping to get some momentum up again now I'm on maternity leave
Added Tralda's Table, Volume 1, Issue 5
2nd November 2002
Added Norham Post, Planting 996
Added Kharachian Entry from Rubber Swords 1990
27th October 2002
Added City of Newcroft, That Was Your Life
26th October 2002
Added 3rd Issue of the Arcania
Added description of Sir Oriog, Liege Knight of the Black Order
25th October 2002
Added Rolborian Hostelier 3:998
19th October 2002
Added Peace Talks History from Norham Herald 999
Added sections on Mithim and Konn and reorganised Ithron and Axir
14th October 2002
Added an issue of Acorn Antics
13th October 2002
Marek Morgan's Diary
29th September 2002
Issue 5 of Warpath
Templar News Bulletins from 1990
28th September 2002
Added Issue 3 of Mages Matter
Added a whole load of stuff from the Cardiff website
Added account of Wintefest 1991
Added Tralda's Table 1(1)
26th September 2002
Added Crowan Report from 1990
22nd September 2002
Added Norham Post 18th Shielding 996
15th September 2002
Added second issue of the Arcania
14th September 2002
Added the Ballad of Finn Siana
Added an issue of the Rolborian Hostelier
Added an issue of Potion Points
Added Letters page of Ithronian Herald on Astona's Death
12th September 2002
Added an issue of Acorn Antics
10th September 2002
Added the first issue of Garrison
9th September 2002
Added a profile of Shiandra Lovell
Added King's Statement from Adventurer's Noticeboard
7th September 2002
Added Tralda's Table Volume 1, Issue 4
14th August
Added Derwentshire background
12th August
Added Rollovers to Grimsbery Area Map
Added Llaminusia stuff from Noticeboards
3rd August
Added Rollovers to Grimsberg Center Map
Added Spring 1990 News Bulletin from the Guild of Scouts
Added people, places and news from the Black Country web site
29th July 2002
Added a section on Llaminusu
22nd July 2002
Added Humberton Background
Added Lots of stuff from old Vleyborian Web Page
Replaced the Grimsburgh Area map with a Larger Version
Added Warpath Issue 4
21st July 2002
Added Church of Sidhe Report (Summer 1990)
Sorted out the formatting for the Grimsburgh Chronicles
Added the Kirk Leigh Herald
20th July 2002
Added the Newcroft Great Liche Bash II account
Added Alchemy in Action Issue 2
Added The Arcania (Issue 1?)
Added The Norham Post, Deepwinter 998
3rd July 2002
Added Rollovers to Norham Area Map
30th June 2002
Added Early 2000 issue of Acorn Antics
Added Potion Points, Year Two: Issue Two
Added Women on the Battlefield by Astona from Norham Herald 1999
29th June 2002
Added Morgan Lovell of Oxenford Character Profile
Added Garrison, Issue 2
Added Rollovers to Newcroft Town Map
28th June 2002
Added the Longstorian Book of Faith
27th June 2002
Added Enchanters Bulletin from 1990
26th June 2002
Added Issue 3 of Warpath
25th June 2002
Added Issue 5 of Mages Matter
Added main page for Sidhean Church
24th June 2002
Added What's New and Site Index.