The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 14

The Eber is very fond of coffee, indeed it appears to briefly intoxicate him.

Discussions with a Jan-Ganyr

The Eber refers to the crew of the Joyous Venture in terms that suggest he believes them to be returned ancients. He relates how the ancients raised the Eber from animals to sentience. Some thousands of years ago there was a war between the Eber and the ancients which led to the Eber being almost destroyed and (they thought) the total destruction of the ancients.

The crew pursue the connections to the ancients and it becomes clear that the Eber does no judge them to be ancient according to their outwards appearance but a quality of speaking and listening in their behaviour. He says that Sanchez is also a "Great Old One" but considers the others humans on the planet to be separate. He seems to suggest that the Eber are undergoing a process of mutation/evolution to a state of becoming great old ones themselves. He explains how his parents were Murb but he is Jan-Ganyr and says maybe his children will be Great old ones. This would appear to be just a supposition on his part - as far as he is aware there are no Great Old ones among the Eber. He himself is not a Great Old one because he does not speak well enough.

He describes the crew in different ways: Miho "listens to the world", Komiko "speaks loudly". His reaction to Komiko is complex. He says "forgiving... no need to worry" which appears to unsettle Komiko. He also says he will get other Jan-Ganyr to talk to Sanchez in an attempt to make him less troubled.

When asked about the building he confirms that small animals made it for the old ones and says that there are pictures of such animals in a hole in some nearby woods. He has to depart immediately in order to meet the crew there since he refuses to travel a motor vehicle.