The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 16

Secure Personal Transmission (translation)

Sender: Antonio Falchi, Trilon Vessel Joyous Venture, Eberhaven Orbital
Transfer Station, 82 Eridani, 26/1/2304

Recipient: Maria Falchi, 37/127 Via Santa Teresa, Roma, Europa, Earth,
Sol System

Dear Mamma,
Having rescued the Eber from the poachers we headed back to Eberhaven.
My leg wound meant that I couldn't drive, but it is healing well and a
small price to pay for dealing with the local problems. As we left we
radioed Bishop Sanchez, who you will recall journeyed with us to
Eberhaven and has taken up the leadership of the diocese here, to tell
him what had happened. He thanked us and wished us well, but advised
that we should leave as soon as possible. Kurita will be seeking to
influence any investigation and his influence would not help as they
have no respect for the church. Since we are taking the short way back
to Sol I do not expect any encounter with them.

Our trip back to Sol requires a fairly long jump, but the ship I am
captaining is very capable, so I don't expect any difficulties. The
journey will give my leg some time to heal, it is only a flesh wound,
but it will do me good to give it a rest. We should arrive sometime in
February, shortly after you receive this, and I will call once we are in

Love, Antonio

P.S. I have enclosed a little something so that you can treat yourself
to something nice.

Insystem Video Transmission Transcript (translation)

Sender: Antonio Falchi, Trilon Vessel Joyous Venture, En route to Earth
Orbit, Sol System, 8 February 2304

Recipient: Maria Falchi, 37/127 Via Santa Teresa, Roma, Europa, Earth,
Sol System

Dear Mamma,
We are in system and should be Earthside in a few days. Ms Jones wants
the others to investigate some ruins in India - the Gulf of Gambay I
think - but I should be able to visit you for a week or two. My friend
Robert will be in Rome also, as he needs to spend some time in the
university library. I'm not sure where he is staying, but I expect that
he'll find some hostel somewhere. Miho will be visiting family in Japan,
and Andi is returning to Thisbe for the time we have to spare. I'll need
to leave to meet with them on the 21st.

I am not sure what the interest in India is about, but it is something
to do with Ms Jones' interest in ancient relics. The ruins are of an
ancient city and have been underwater for a long time. I would have
thought that they would have eroded, but apparently not.

I will see you soon, Antonio

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