The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 25

Morning of Wednesday March 9th

During the jump to Alice's Star, Miho and Andi search the databases for information on Ichiro, Forethought and Bernard Singh. Antonio loses himself in one of his many football recordings. Robert analyses the sample from Ichiro and finds no DNA. Instead there are many salivary proteins - a mix of usual and unusual, some unfamiliar proteins 'designed' to do the same jobs that 'normal' proteins do. The company newsfeed is pretty anodyne but Andi and Miho found out that the Forethought company was started at the beginning of the human scattering into the galaxy and was set up to carry out cutting-edge research financed by revenue from any previous successful inventions. Believed to be involved in the genetic modification of many people 30-odd years ago, possibly with some involvement from Trilon. Dr Prometheus Itzamna, who did the genetic testing that affected most of the crew, also happened to be CEO of Forethought at the time. A search of websites based on Earth led to Bernard Singh's website with links to other people claiming similar experiences after or during a meeting with Ichiro. It is difficult to tell what happened to some of these people, some websites are updated and others may have been there for some time. A further search reveals a handful of people over 40 years ago who are either still locked up on Earth (a common method of dealing with those suffering from such exposure), cured and gone back to work or religious fanatics. Some of those people were never in contact with Ichiro but instead met Dr Itzamna. A search for other Forethought CEOs brings up a Mr Azir Sett as Dr Itzamna's predecessor, before that others including Mohammed Ali, the original founder was called Prometheus Aten. He originally took over the asteroid called Prometheus with, it's thought, the connivance of other corporations. There is speculation that Forethought already knew that it was mined out (by the Ancients presumably) and could be exploited as a base. Some of the 'exposed' recorded their visions: horror, sadism, violence and blood are common themes. Sources of images are quoted as coming from Asian history, the Koran, the Bible etc. Of three dozen odd accounts, two dozen are quite specific and several sound exactly like Robert's vision, identified in the accounts as set in Ancient Egypt. Notes are sent home: Andi writes to her Mum - a general letter but also a request to know if anyone suffered any seizures around Dr Itzamna on her home asteroid. Miho asks her Mum, a journalist, to search the wayback machine for details of the 'exposed' (send this bit to Louise to add to).

Friday 11th March

Arriving in Alice's Star system, the ship discharges gravitons around the planet called Morgan. The crew head planetside for a little R&R. Robert spends a fair amount of his shore leave having a thorough medical check-up. A brain scan shows some effects in 'unused areas' of his brain, he's told he may experience heightened activity. (Is that medicalese for a seizure?) Antonio makes the jump out March 13th.

Tuesday 15th March

Arrive in the Kimanjano system March 15th. Graviton discharge around the planet Urwald. Status Midgarten 3, a forest world. The population has sunk into anarchy and lawlessness. Shuttle flights down to the surface are few if not non-existent - may not come back. Jump out March 17th.

Saturday 19th March

Arrive in Asterion system. The crew plan to visit Felix Holsten's site on Gaia, Bishop's Folly, situated on the Southern continent, well away from the nearest land base. Gaia has the classification Neugarten I and the largest species are arthropods, spiders and bugs in general. The gravity is quite high and the atmosphere oxygen rich - the crew are advised to be cautious about any equipment generating heat or sparks, barrier cream against ionising radiation and sun goggles are bought. The crew hire a hover vehicle and other necessary kit and head off to the dig site.

Wednesday 23rd March

Arriving at Bishop's Folly from the sea, they find a bare patch of ground cleared by fires from the volcanism and set up camp. Fears about the local wildlife may prove groundless, apparently they move slowly enough to let you get out of the way - time will tell!

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