The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 27

The very secret diary of Robert M'Bhutu

5th May 2304

It's been quite an amazing few weeks and what do we do the first time
we get back to civilisation? Do we contact the galaxy's most emminent
scientists and tell them about our discoveries? Do we contact our boss
and tell her all that has been going on so she can make an informed
and rational disclosure to the board of Trylon? Do we assemble our own
tean to study and exploit the last remaining functional Ancients Site
in the know Galaxy?

No, we go shopping.

At leat anyone with any money goes shopping. The rest of us sit around
at the spaceport at Colonie D'Argent waiting for this Goldberg
character to turn up. I expect he'll tell us more about what an evil
woman Ms Jones is, but then it's an evil universe full of evil people
and there's no news there. The sooner people eschew violence and learn
to live together the better. Maybe I should emigrate to go and live
with the Eber...

Mind you the lifeforms at the site were truly amazing. It seems that
they were all working to fix the site and get it back operational
again. From what Electra says she'll be able to enter the place in two
years. Felix Holsten's work certainly suggests some sort of direct
mind communication devices and perhaps Electra is particularly
sensitive. I'll check her DNA for signs of the triple insert since
that seems to be linked to Ancient susceptibility. She's an
interesting girl in many ways - she seems quite unlike her father but
that's not uncommon. It's a shame I couldn't get his DNA sample
although since they arrived in cryosleep they could well have been
part of Forethought's mass DNA manipulation that seems to have
affected the rest of us.

Anyway she certainly seems to know what's going on there and we should
get her involved in any investigation when we come back (if we come
back). Her dad obviously thinks her communication with the 'sentinels'
as she calls them is a bit strange - but then he's more than a bit
strange and really had nothing to say to Ms Moran and Ms Takamura when
they chatted to him. It's a bit harsh to refer to your own daughter as
a witch. It was also odd that we heard her cry for help: both the fact
that we heard it at all (and Antonio isn't so sure he heard it anyway)
and the fact that the cry seemed to come before the actual
attack. This ties in with the visions and so forth that I'm getting -
various psionic effects linked to triple inserts and contact with
certain people like Ms Jones and Del Fuego. This is something that I'm
going to have to chase up on - and it links in with the linguistic and
communication abilities of the Eber which are fascinating too.

So much to do and so little time - and they go off shopping.

Maybe someone will get me a specimen of some interesting local
wildlife that I can use to compare with the specimens taken from near
the Ancients site!

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