The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 32

Antonio is rapidly spirited off once the crew arrive at Trixie. The rest of the crew send their contact information to his mother on Earth. The crew remain on the same employment grades as they were previously, this removes the extra increment they had during the Joyous Venture mission. It gradually becomes clear they are being inducted into the psionic division of Trilon security and they are each given two security passes only one of which mentions the word "psionic". They also receive training on when to reveal the psionic bit and when not.

Some general reading reveals that the official reason for the move to Trixie is to move Trilon's HQ to a position close to the "expanding frontier" both of space exploration and, of course, of the Trilon corporate world. Expansion is no longer happening in the core but on the fringes of known space.

Andi uses her psionic abilities to hack into the computer systems while not physically connected to any terminals. She scans the interview records from the crew's recruitment. It becomes clear that, contrary to normal practice, a large number of people were interviewed who could, at best, be described as mildly eccentric. It is also clear that the battery of standard tests interviewees were subjected to were pretty much immediately junked as they were taken. In fact the crew were all selected by Komiko personally based on criteria that are not recorded.

The crew correlate this against what Andi can dig up on the new psionic division. This was formed in the last six months once Trilon "at last" had enough people recruited with abilities.

Robert practices mind reading on the trainers but discovers little beyond the fact they appear to have management written through them like a stick of rock. He can't read the mind of the man who hands out the psionic division passes. He also manages to smuggle some parts of his nano bot off the Joyous Venture.

The crew receive no formal debriefing but they are aware that the Joyous Venture is being examined. Komiko is nowhere to be seen and the rumours are that she has defected to another company.

Eventually the crew meet the rest of the psionic division. There are about a dozen of them from all walks of life. About the same time Komiko appears and welcomes the new psionic division. It transpires that she is the head of the new division. The formation of the division improves everyone's status (Robert:11, Miho:12, Andi: 14). Komiko begins by briefing the new division on the Joyous Venture's encounter with an experimental Kurita ship and makes the point that psionics are not limited by the speed of light. It transpires that some of the new division were already in Trilon before the crew of the Joyous Venture were recruited, others have been found since. They are all approximately the same age.

In discussion with Komiko she reveals another motive for Trilon's move to Trixie. They anticipate that the core worlds are likely to become the new "battleground" now the war with the Kafer is drawing to a close. Moving to Trixie takes Trilon's HQ away from the potential front line.

Komiko talks to Andi, Miho and Robert in private and warns against negative reactions to psionic ability. The crew once again raise the issue of Beta Virginis and Komiko agrees that this may be a suitable use for their talents but it will require a specialist ship. She also wants to recruit Electra from Asterion, preferably before her father does anything unpleasant. This may involve a certain amount of subtlety and disguise.

Robert wants to discuss the scientific outcomes of the voyage. The nano-bots are apparently of some interest. Robert recommends the use of microwaves against them - apparently others have suggested a gantz-based ceramic eating bacteria. There is no mention of the finds on Asterion.

Komiko reveals that they have been monitored and that they have picked up Andi infiltration of the computer systems. The crew reveal and discuss their encounter with the Ancient "Watcher" and the powers they appear to have developed as a result. Komiko is then called away. Miho attempts to read the patina from where she was sitting and picks up that she was pleased to see the crew, curious, concerned about the mishaps, motherly towards and worried about the success of psionic division. There was an air of unease and worry. Most importantly there were no thoughts based on the frying of anyone's brains.

The crew can hear shock and unpleasant surprise in Komiko's voice. She returns and reports that something serious has happened and their first job as psionic division may be about to start.

Miho establishes that she can not actually affect magnetic or electrical fields.

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