The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 37

Andi gets an email on the 6th June replying to the query she had sent home about Seymour Greenberg. There is no record of him ever visiting Thisbee but the systems had archived two pictures of him, age 26, on a colony planet. These apparently came from letters sent home by a Thisbee resident though the letters themselves have long since been purged from the systems. It is known that the letters belonged to the Galley family (a name no longer used on Thisbee) who were close cousins of the Morans. Andi's great aunt Salome reckons they could be from her sister Eva (who went off to seek her fortune and died in an accident in a distant system). Andi chooses not to elaborate when she writes back.

It transpires Guillaume Antares is to be the team's line manager. They are invited to a management consultation in his quarters and find they are not the only psi-corp members he has recruited. There are two others present: Olwen Asarov (immature but careful) and Orion Starman (deceitful and cruel).

Antares reports that Trilon came close to melt-down but now, a week later, is stabilising. There was video footage, which he shows them, of Kosmos' "brain-storm". She started swearing at her second-in-command and telling him to shut-up, shut up, shut up. She shoots and misses. He shoots (in self-defence) and hits. She shoots and hits. He is injured but survives. In his youth Antares was trained in image analysis and has traced Kosmos' eye-line - she is not looking at the second-in-command. There is, in fact, some doubt over whether he had reason to think she was shooting at him at all. The second-in-command has been moved sideways in the company. Some shuffling has ensued and some departments were slower to react than others. Since Information was quick off the mark it now has an internal psionic team of five people.

Andi had already raised the issue of recruiting Electra with Antares. He is keener, in the first instance, to track down the missing members of psi-corp. Originally there were 15 psi-corp members which leaves 10 unaccounted for. Vast swathes of psi-corp files appear to have been expunged from the systems although Antares has managed to put together an employment list. Andi checks for Komiko's personal files using Antares' personal software but discovers they have been deleted as well. Antares suspects Komiko tried to rescue as many of her people as possible so Andi creates a pattern recognition program looking for other ships, preferably ones with flight plans logged and/or cleared by the same members of security or logistics as logged the one the team went out in.

There was quite a lot of activity going on at the time and the population of the space station dropped by about 15% over the space of week. The same security guy who logged the team's flight plan also put in two other applications for ships. One was a shuttle to the colony below and the other a fast transport to the Marazion system. The team pull the CCTV footage of the colony shuttle shuttle only to find its been wiped. There is some CCTV footage of the one for Marazion. It was open for boarding for an hour before it left. Cameras show the docking port from two different angles. Andi and Miho spot two people: Suleiman Urdogan (expert on Psycho-correspondence, bright, practical, stubborn) avoiding the cameras as much as possible; they also spot Sybil Zhyuganov. She looks intently at the camera and then studies something in a decorative niche in the wall. Sybil was another of Komiko's favourites, a trainee gifted with pre-cognition. Andi and Miho agree that she was probably leaving a message on the object in the niche and Andi goes to read it. The message consists of Sybil mouthing the words "Beware Hero". Heriza Ratsiraka (ambitious but charming with a background in logistics, psycho-correspondent) was the most junior of psi-corp's four managers. A search for Hero in the station's CCTV footage for the past 24 hours using facial recognition software reveals nothing.

Antares checks with contacts on the TriXi colony (pop 3 million) with the remaining seven faces (not Komiko who he is convinced is in the hands of Security). Three men were seen arriving on TriXi: Giles Luthor (psycho-c, senior manager), Anton Greif (inanimate correspondence, once tried to chat Miho up, witty and unscrupulous), and Jacques St.-Germaine (teenager, 18/19, always a bit worried, not sure he was meant to be where he was). The three men go to a doss-house and then vanish. It's possible they could have got off planet again with help from Security or Logistics but that seems unlikely. Robert and Olwen could try scanning the colony to make contact. This possibility is left unresolved.

Robert and Olwen take shifts scanning for psionic usage on the OTS. This will find anyone wanting to be found, unable to shield, or using active powers. Robert gets a blip in Trilon HQ and uses Clairvoyance to pinpoint a Finance Office. Someone is using a power, probably inanimate correspondence. A check of Finance's employment records reveals that Li-Tsu Cohen (hard working loner) is now working for them. She's a para-sensor with potential for inanimate correspondence, just out of training and originally recruited from Finance. Antares decides to let her settle in and then approach her.

This leaves four people unaccounted for: Komiko, presumed in the hands of Security; Hero, presumed working for security (both presumed to be on the dedicated nearby naval base, not on the Trilon orbital); Sirikit Korona (Gentle and motherly) - a mind reader and para-sensor; and Indira Fong (creative and skillful) - a healer. Neither Sirikit nor Indira show up on CCTV in last 24 hours. Requests for passenger lists for the past week reveal three flights for which info is refused. Two of these are from security and involve inbound troop transports. One is by logistics ostensibly for a flight for Marazion. Marazion has seven different corporate colonies on it and is a general way-point outward bound from TriXi. The current hypothesis therefore is that Sirikit and Indira are on Marazion, possibly under the control of Logistics.

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