The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 39

Jim calls the team when he reaches the house of the oriental-looking man. He believes him to be living in one of the third floor rooms of an apartment block. Robert is sleeping but Andi and Miho attend. They check the apartment block entrance - none of the names look like a variation on Jacques or Jules. There is a Takegura on the third floor but its impossible to say if he's the man they have been following. In the end they leave a business card for everyone on the third floor with a note, "for Jules", attached. Jim remains to keep watch on the building while Andi and Miho return to their residence.

In the morning Jim reports in to say he's following Lee Takegura to work. He's a bachelor in his twenties and works for a shipping firm. The team check him out and he looks like an ordinary person, it could be a front but, if so, its an extremely elaborate one.

Miho relieves Jim on watch with Robert. After some discussion they return to the apartment block and Robert attempts to contact Jules by "going" up to the third floor. He reports its a bit of a mess but there is no sign of an extra guest. They return to the shipping office. Robert tries to check there for any psychic activity and picks up a faint buzz. He opens up and is surprised to hear Hirizo's voice. Robert offers Hiro a job with Antares. Hiro says he's now running Komiko's operation and offers a job in return. He states that Komiko has vanished and suggests a meeting with Robert, Andi and Miho. Robert is aware that Hiro is delving in his mind. He doesn't appear to be as deft as Robert who makes sure he doesn't get anything but doesn't manage to kick him out. Robert probes back on full power. Hiro breaks the link. Robert, however, has managed to establish that Hiro was trying to locate them and ascertain the size and identities of Antares' team. Hiro knows that Orion and Olwen are with Antares and who it is that Robert, Miho and Andi are searching for on TriXi. Hiro is staying in the security wing of a Trilon owned hotel close to the space port. He has four security men with him.

Miho goes in to the shipping office to talk to Lee Takegura. She establishes that security have already been there. Jules has been fired but Lee has his address (as does security). Lee offers his help if necessary but says that the Flaming Salamander is the best place for contacting Jules.

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