The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 5

Antonio's amazing victory took place on November 10th.

His trophy is a real relic, not a replica, but it dates from the heroic rather than the godly age.

The crew wake up the next day to discover that outside of the palace a crowd has gathered. Komiko orders that no one is to go outside unarmed. Robert thinks that the crowd is peculiar. They are wearing green and brown robes and their crests are dominated by green. Robert calls them mad monks and hypothesises that they are worshipping the deceitful monkey. The soldiers describe them as religious extremists who take scripture literally. It gradually becomes clear that they are hoping for an opportunity to eat the crew and gain their powers. Andi logs on to the local news. There is much discussion of Antonio's victory and no suggestion that the champion had been nobbled by someone. The champion has since committed suicide. The news also confirms the crew's suspicions by reporting a resurgence in the popularity of the cult of the deceitful monkey, "local feeling has swung behind the deceitful monkey".

Mid-afternoon a formal invitation arrives from Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh (the most distinguished scholar academician and previously established as a rabid monkey-phobe). All are invited to attend the next day before noon for the purposes of discussing lesser known ancient sites which Ng'ssaan is given to understand the crew are interested in. Robert writes a formal acceptance and also sends a message to inform Arg'gre Ing'shurr.

A new crest colour, white representing surprise and fear is established.

A perusal of Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh's work reveals that much of it centres around the deceitful monkey. She rejects the Hau as a model for the deceitful monkey since they are too easily manipulated by Ak'chuk ta'aaan (which I suspect I have mispelt horribly).

It is possible that in the ideal society of the heroic age there was no gender distinction between the Beekhu.

Komiko has good hearing (I obviously thought this worth mentioning - L)

The crew set out armed the next day in an armoured personnel carrier supplied by the matriarch. They approach the oldest section of the city. Once escorted to the door by the soldiers the crew enter Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh's dwelling alone. Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh is reclining on a chaise longue type thing she appears to be in rapt contemplation. Her crest is green. As the crew approach Komiko falters. Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh's secondary eyelids flick back and a machine gun is revealed.

Antonio and Sangeev both shoot Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh. Robert freezes. Beekhu guards pile into the room. Antonio and Andi do their best to hold them off while Sangeev clears the way back to the main entrance. Miho does nothing very useful, Komiko waves a gun around inexpertly and Robert remains frozen. Andi is badly injured in the leg and has to be carried out by Antonio. Komiko manages to rouse Robert. In the courtyard they are attacked by servants. At this point the cavalry, in the form of the Matriarch's guards arrive.

Antonio and Miho manage to cut open Andi's leg coverings using a laser knife and apply morphine and a something to stop the swelling. The soldiers report the fight as an ambush by Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh. Robert and Miho accompany Andi to a hospital where her broken leg is mended. Komiko and Antonio wait for Arg'gree Ing'shurr who is surprised the crew went to visit Ng'ssaan Kah'glukh since she had sent them a message explicitly warning against such action. The message was apparently intercepted by someone.

Tomorrow the crew get to see the holiest of holies. The original godly site.

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