The Ghosts of Eden

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Session 17

Letter from Antonio Falchi to Maria Falchi
Unsent, dated 15 February 2304

Dear Mamma,

I hope that you do not read this, as I expect to be back before you
return from work. Today I am going to meet with Victor Kea, who works
for Kurita. You know that I recently left Kurita to work for Trilon, but
may not know that this was without Kurita's consent. Given their
treatment of colonists I couldn't stay with Kurita, and Trilon is the
only other corporation big enough to offer shelter. In any case, if you
receive this something may have gone wrong with my meeting with Kea.

As you know, Robert, Miho, Andi, and myself have been working for Komiko
Jones on an expedition funded by Trilon. We have been investigating
'Ancients' sites. Along the way a number of people have warned us that
Komiko may not be trustworthy, although we have seen nothing to support
this position ourselves.

Other people have also shown interest in our mission. Robert has been
spending time in the library investigating the ruins in India.
Apparently they are over 11,000 years old. I'm not one for dates, but
Robert says that this is more than four times as old as the Forum, and
is older than previous evidence would have allowed. The ruins are of a
large city (for the time) and show evidence of an advanced culture
(again, for the time). There is also some evidence of similarities with
the things we saw on Bheekhu and Eberhaven. I can't make much sense of
it, so I've let Robert worry about it as he is very smart. I'm worried
that he's not very sensible about women though. He met a girl named
Therese Fidelio in the library and think he might have told her rather
more about our mission than he should have.

Yesterday Robert and Teresa met for lunch and I followed them to see who
she was working for. He brought his millisnake along, a pet he picked up
on Bheekhu, and she seemed impressed. She was interested in G'Kah'Hah,
which is the ritual combat, in my fight with the Bheekhu champion, and
in Komiko's involvement. From what I could get out of Robert afterwards,
Komiko seemed to be her main interest, and she seemed very well

I followed her back to an office building at 149 Via Una Lithio, which
included a P.I. company, Vitti and Associates. Asking after Ms Fidelio
at some of the other businesses didn't reveal anything, so I sent a
courier package to her at Vitti and Associates. It didn't come back, so
I suspect that is who she works for. One other note about Ms Fidelio -
on exiting the building I noticed an old, tall, somewhat overweight man,
who called himself Mr Goldberg calling the P.I. firm on the intercom.

Other things that might be relevant include that Miho has been contacted
by a woman named Maria de Sablo, and Andi's ex-husband has been causing
trouble by all accounts. I am sure that Andi can take care of herself,
but Miho's news is more worrying. According to Ms de Sablo, our employer
was instrumental in the downfall of Galactic Carbide and therefore the
murder of the other board members. It sounds a bit far fetched to me,
but this isn't the first person to tell us such things.

Hopefully you won't receive this, but if you do remember that I love you
always. I don't know if this information will be of any use, but I
thought you should know what was happening

Love, Antonio

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